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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a nation divided by ethnicity and poverty. But the Dzemaludin Causevic Primary School in Sarajevo has an inclusive policy that is teaching a new generation how to grow together, rather than apart.
After decades of conflict, the people of southern Sudan are rediscovering what it means to live in a time of peace. One of the most immediate benefits is wider access to education, but with limited resources and high demand, young people aren't always finding it easy to catch up on the years of school they missed.
In Egypt, traditional gender roles mean many women grow up without access to education. But change is coming. Small schools, established with the help of UNICEF, are opening their doors to both sexes, and young girls like Yusriya are grasping the opportunity to learn with both hands.
David Zamora Munoz attends a UNICEF-sponsored child-friendly school in Nicaragua. While many of its defining characteristics are things kids in developed countries take for granted -- gender equality, running water, a friendly atmosphere -- in Nicaragua the school is being seen as a model for the future of the country's education system.
In rural Ghana, children often struggle to get an education, with girls missing out far more frequently than boys of a similar age. But 12-year-old Elizabeth Napari, through her family's sacrifice, is taking advantage of changing attitudes.

Child-Friendly Schools are making a big difference for children in Cambodia: parents are more engaged, attendance is increasing, and lessons are fun. Improved education is not only helping the country heal its troubled past, but is also creating a possible path out of poverty for many thousands of families.