Starting Over

Few conflicts can dismantle a country and a people as brutally as civil war. And when the dust finally settles, who remains to pick up the pieces? See new stories in search of a fresh start.
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Sierra Leone was torn apart by years of civil war. Now that the country is beginning to rebound, two men see a vast potential for sustainable and ecological tourism. But will they be able to ensure that the impending development boom will benefit the people of Sierra Leone and not just foreign investors?
Rwanda's gacaca courts are part of a system of community justice established in the wake of the 1994 genocide. They aim to promote community healing by making the punishment of perpetrators faster and less expensive to the state, moving the country closer to its ultimate goal of achieving truth, justice, and reconciliation.
In post-conflict Burundi, one thing remains affordable to all: the grenade. Journalist Teddy Mazina follows the stories behind the headlines of never-ending explosive lethal attacks.


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