Challenging Hunger

Having enough to eat is a basic human right--one that almost a billion people don't have. But for those in the poorest regions of the world, chronic hunger doesn't have to be the status quo. In this special report from Bread for the World and, see two migrant farmers in Mexico get a new chance to grow their own food--to make a living wage--and to return to their families. And from Ethiopia to Bangladesh, see how aid groups and entrepreneurs are working to put hunger out of business.
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Faced with a lack of opportunity in their homeland, Mexican farmers Marvin Garcia Salas and Santiago Cruz have both been forced to migrate north to provide for their families. Now, thanks to several organizations that are responding to the root cause of illegal immigration by working towards sustainable development practices in rural Mexico, they are able to stay home.
In Bangladesh, the birthplace of the Grameen bank and the global microcredit movement, women and their families are saving for the future, with help from bank systems that serve the poor.
Southern Ethiopia is being hit hard by climate change, and the region's women often bear the brunt of hardships caused by unpredictable weather patterns and drought. But these women are reacting by empowering themselves, partnering with a local organization to share information and improve their living conditions.


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