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APOPO, a non-profit organization, trains African Giant Pouched Rats, also known as Giant pouched rat or Gambian Pouch Rat, to detect land mines and Tuberculosis. Bart Weetens, a Belgian national, founded APOPO to provide a low-technology solution to the global landmine problem. APOPO’s overall objective is to develop an efficient method for the detection of landmines and UXO in order to facilitate the repatriation of refugees, distribution of emergency aid, general development and a mine free environment in affected countries. APOPO is currently researching the feasibility of using African Giant Pouched Rats to detect Tuberculosis in human sputum samples as well. In 1996, Bart Weetjens conceived of the idea of using rodents for mine detection as an outcome of an exploration and analysis of the global mine detection problem. Initial financial support was given from the Belgian Directorate for International Co-operation (DGIS) in 1997 to develop the concept of rats as mine detectors....
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