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Title Ashkali and Egyptians
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The Ashkali (also Hashkali, Aškalije (Ашкалије), Haškalije (Хашкалије)) and Egyptians (Balkan Egyptians, Jevgs, Egjiptjant or Gjupci) are Albanian-speaking ethnic minorities (recognized communities) of Kosovo and Albania. Observers consider them Albanized Romanies, but they do not identify as such. Prior to the Kosovo War of 1999, Albanized Roma had registered as Albanians. Now they are divided by identifying with two different groups, although the people share a culture, traditions and language (Albanian). During the Kosovo War, Albanized Roma were displaced as refugees in Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. Albanized Roma formed the Ashkali as an ethnic group in 1999, as they tried to show their pro-Albanian stance and distinguish themselves from the Roma. The latter were considered to be pro-Serbian during the war and thus opposed by the Albanians. Many of the Albanized Roma were then sent to refugee camps with other Roma, with whom they did not share the same language and...
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