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The term Baltic states (also Baltics, Baltic nations or Baltic countries) refers to the Baltic territories which gained independence from the Russian Empire in the wake of World War I: Finland (in scope to the term in the 1920's after initially gaining independence) but primarily the contiguous trio of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (from north to south). The trio were also referred to as limitrophe states between the two World Wars, from the French, indicating their collectively forming a rim along Bolshevik Russia's, later the Soviet Union's, western border. They were also part of what Clemenceau considered a strategic cordon sanitaire, the entire territory from Finland in the north to Romania in the south, standing between Western Europe and potential Bolshevik territorial ambitions. The term in the indigenous languages of the Baltic states is: The term "Baltic" stems from the name of the Baltic Sea — a hydronym dating back to the 11th century (Adam of Bremen mentioned Latin: Mare...
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