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Basra (Arabic: البصرة‎; BGN: Al Baṣrah) is the capital of Basra Province, Iraq, and had an estimated population of two millions as of 2009. Basra is also Iraq's main port, although it is does not have deep water access, which is handled at the port of Umm Qasr. The city is part of the historic location of Sumer, the home of Sinbad the Sailor, and a proposed location of the Garden of Eden. It also played an important role in early Islamic history, being built in 636 CE, or 14 AH. It is Iraq's second largest and most populous city after Baghdad. The city was called by many names throughout its history, Basrah being the most common. Although some Chaldean Christians argue that the name has Akkadian roots, other sources claim that the name is derived from the Persian word Bas-rah, which means "where many paths meet". During the pre-Islamic era, the area was known to the Arabs as al-Khariba due to the existence of an ancient city called al-Kharba. After the present city was built, it was...
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