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Beachcomber was a nom de plume used by surrealist humorous columnists D. B. Wyndham-Lewis and, chiefly, J. B. Morton as authors of the Daily Express column "By the Way" in the period 1919-1975. Other authors who used the name were Major John Bernard Arbuthnot MVO, the column's founder, and William Hartston, the current author of its revived form. "By The Way" was originally a column in the Globe, consisting of unsigned humorous pieces; P. G. Wodehouse was assistant editor of the column from August 1903 and editor from August 1904 to May 1909, during which time he was assisted by Herbert Westbrook. After the Globe's closure, it was reestablished as a society news column in the Daily Express from 1917 onwards, initially written by social correspondent Major John Arbuthnot who invented the name "Beachcomber". After Arbuthnot was promoted to deputy editor, it was taken over by Wyndham-Lewis some time in 1919 who reinvented it as an outlet for his wit and humour. It was then passed to...
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