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Blue Dragon Children's Foundation (Blue Dragon) is a charitably-funded non-governmental organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Its mission is to help children escape from the poverty cycle by offering them chances at education and improved living conditions. It also helps children escape from slave labour, provides access to drug rehabilitation programs and has raised money for storm damaged areas as the scope of its work has widened. The foundation was begun by an Australian school teacher, Michael Brosowski. He visited Vietnam in 2002 to teach English at the university in Hanoi. While there he met many street children. At first Michael, along with one of his language students Pham Sy Chung, offered the children tuition in maths, English and yoga and art. They also formed a football team - "Real Betis Vietnam" which would later be sponsored by their Spanish namesake. The idea was to promote a sense of sportsmanship and teamwork while getting exercise. Initially 3 teenage boys turned...
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