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A brothel, also known as a bordello, cathouse, whorehouse, sporting house, gentleman's club and various other names, is an establishment specifically dedicated to prostitution, providing the prostitutes a place to meet and to have sexual intercourse with clients. In the case of window prostitution a female prostitute presents herself from behind a window or glass door in the brothel. It occurs e.g. in De Wallen district in Amsterdam. Brothels exist in most countries, but their legal status varies widely. In most European countries, brothels were made illegal after World War II. During the first half of the 20th century, France and Italy were famous for their brothels. France outlawed brothels in 1946 and Italy made them illegal in 1959. Today, Amsterdam is well known for its red-light district and is a destination for sex tourism. Netherlands has one of the most liberal prostitution policies in the world, and, as such, it attracts sex tourists from many European countries and from the...
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