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CARE is one of the largest international development and humanitarian organizations in the world, with programmes in over 70 countries. The CARE International Secretariat is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Worldwide staffing exceeds 14,000, most of whom come from the nation in which they work. CARE (originally "Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe", and later "Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere"), was a co-founded in 1945 by Arthur Ringland who had the idea and the perseverance to secure financial backing for overseas food relief packages, Lincoln Clark who focused on practical administration and Wallace Campbell who limited its scope to include voluntary agencies. The relief came in "CARE Packages",. Each CARE Package cost $10 and was guaranteed to reach its addressee within four months. CARE's mission has evolved over the decades. CARE continues to provide emergency relief during and after disasters, but the organization today focuses on addressing...
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