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Cocalero is a term that refers to the coca leaf growers of Peru and Bolivia. Evo Morales, who became president of Bolivia in 2006, is a leader of the cocalero movement in that country. Cocalero is also the title of a documentary film directed by Alejandro Landes which chronicles Evo Morales' travels through Bolivia in his political campaign to become allegedly the first president of Bolivia from indigenous descent. The film was screened at the BAFICI and shown at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival as part of the World Cinema Competition: Documentary section. Executive Producer Ellyn E. Daniels. Morales claimed his "life-defining epiphany" came in 1978 when, as a member of the army, he took part in a military action against coca growers' march. "When ordered to shoot,...I saw the biggest defenders of democracy were the cocaleros." cited from Brian Loveman. "Addicted to Failure" .
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