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Comitán (formally: Comitán de Domínguez, for Belisario Domínguez) is the fourth-largest city in the Mexican state of Chiapas. It is the seat of government of the municipality of the same name. It is located in the east-central part of Chiapas, near the border with Guatemala at 16°15′N 92°08′W / 16.25°N 92.13°W / 16.25; -92.13. In the 2005 census the population was 83,571 people. Its municipality total was 121,263. The municipality has an area of 1,043.30 km² (402.82 sq mi). Its largest other community is the town of Villahermosa Yalumá. The original name given by the local Maya peoples is Balún Canán ("Nine stars"). It was later changed to Comitán de las Flores and, in 1915, to Comitán de Domínguez, after Dr. Belisario Domínguez, who gave a memorable speech in Congress against the dictator Victoriano Huerta for which he was murdered. Comitán is also a popular tourist destination, mostly for Mexican nationals, though some foreign visitors can also be seen. The town itself is one of...
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