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Constanţa (Romanian pronunciation: [konˈstant͡sa]) is the name of a county (judeţ) in the Dobruja region of Romania. Its capital city is also named Constanţa. In 2002, it had a population of 715,151 and the population density was 101/km². The degree of urbanization is much higher (about 75%) than the Romanian average. In recent years the population trend is: The majority of the population are Romanians. There are important communities of Turks and Tatars, remnants of the time of Ottoman rule. Currently the region is the centre of the Muslim minority in Romania. A great number of Aromanians have migrated to Dobruja in the last century, and they consider themselves a cultural minority rather than an ethnic minority. There are also Romas. The predominant industries in the county are: Agriculture is an important part in the county's economy, with Constanţa being the county with the largest irrigation systems in the country (more than 4,300 km² before 1989, now greatly reduced), cereals...
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