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Croats (Croatian: Hrvati) are a South Slavic ethnic group mostly living in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and nearby countries. There are around 4 million Croats living inside Croatia and up to 4.5 million throughout the rest of the world. Responding to political, social and economic pressure, many Croats have since migrated throughout the world, and established a notable Croatian diaspora. Large Croat communities exists in The United States, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Austria, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Serbia, New Zealand and South Africa. Croats are noted for their culture, which throughout the ages, has been variously influenced by different cultural circles. The strongest influences came from Central Europe and the Mediterranean, where, at the same time, Croats gave their contribution. The Croats are predominantly Catholic and their language is Croatian. Croatia is the nation state of the Croats, while in the adjacent Bosnia and Herzegovina they are one of the three constituent...
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