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Dang-Deukhuri, (Biggest Valley in South Asia) District is an Inner Terai district some 280 km west of Kathmandu in Rapti Zone of Nepal's Mid-Western Region. Dang-Deukhuri covers an area of 2,955 km² with population (2001) of 462,380. Tribhuwannagar (usually called Ghorahi) is the district's administrative center. This district consists of the larger easterly and upstream portions of parallel Inner Terai valleys, Dang and Deukhuri, plus enclosing ranges of hills and mountains. Downsteam, both valleys cross into Banke District, Bheri Zone. To the south, the district borders Uttar Pradesh, India -- specifically Balarampur and Shravasti districts of Awadh. Because the international border follows the southern edge of the outermost Siwalik foothills called the Dudhwa Range, there is no Nepalese Outer Terai extending onto the main Ganges Plain in this district. The permeable geology of the Siwaliks does not support moisture retention or soil development so they are covered with unproductive...
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