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Title Element: Action on Earth
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Bon appetit. Today and forever more you will be a) eating off the planet’s fat belly and b) on its menu too. ‘You’ means us and everything else, sloughing off molecules and scoffing the lot. ‘You’ are what you eat. You contribute to the planet’s flavor, just by being alive. Element introduces individuals who choose to make it tasty… twelve on site; scope for six billion. Why ‘Element’, you ask… The elements are the essentials (the ingredients you can’t cook without). The elements mix together, individual but not isolated… all parts of a whole. They make up the planet. So can we. The first element of change is imagining what you want. The second element is acting on it. The third element’s getting the word out so other elements see what’s possible. Which element’s the most important? All of us on earth. Enjoy your meal. Element (the series) was made by Element Partnership, with: MTV European (the fire element: hot like a stove top) TVE (Television Trust for the...
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