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Title Foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong
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Foreign domestic helpers (traditional Chinese: 外籍家庭傭工) in Hong Kong are foreign domestic workers and housemaids employed by Hongkongers, typically families. They make up approximately 3% of the population of Hong Kong and an overwhelming majority of them are women. In 2005, there were 223,394 foreign domestic helpers in the city; 53.11% were from the Philippines, 43.15% from Indonesia, and 2.05% from Thailand. They usually live in their employer's residence and perform various household duties such as cooking, cleaning, and child-minding. Since October 2003, the employment of helpers has been subject to the Employees' Retraining Levy totalling HK$9,600 for the duration of a two-year contract. It is unpopular with employers and helpers alike and there have been repeated calls for its abolition. Controversy resulted from "official muddle and civil-service clumsiness" of a two-year waiver of the levy announced by Chief Executive Sir Donald Tsang on 16 July 2008. The administrative errors...
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