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Free The Children is an international charity and youth movement founded in 1995 by children's rights advocate Craig Kielburger. The organization is largely youth-funded, based on the concept of "children helping children." It specializes in sustainable development in countries of Kenya, Sri Lanka, India, Ecuador, Sierra Leone, Haiti and China, and in empowering youth in developed countries to become socially engaged. Free The Children was founded in 1995 by Craig Kielburger when he was 12 years old. Kielburger was reading through the Toronto Star newspaper before school one day when he came across an article about the murder of 12-year-old Pakistani factory worker Iqbal Masih who had spoken out against child labour. Soon after, Kielburger established Free The Children with a group of his 12-year-old classmates. The organization was formed to expose child labour to North Americans and encourage other children to get involved in the issue. In an attempt to learn more about child labour...
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