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Equalistism is a name given to forms of egalitarianism (advocacy of equality) concerned with issues of gender, race, or social class. It can be another name for gender egalitarianism, feminism, sexual egalitarianism, racial egalitarianism and social egalitarianism. Equalists believe that society must be perfectly fair to everyone. The term is used by people of several distinct political philosophies. They include those who support equal gender policies in response to the failings they see in some forms of feminism, as well as those who support equal race policies in response to what they see as discriminatory elements of affirmative action. Equalists seek to promote the rights of women, men, and everything in between. Gender equity, gender equality, sexual equality, or gender egalitarianism is the belief in the equality of people of every sexual orientation. Equalists strive for complete fairness and seek cooperative solutions to make life better for men, women, and everything in...
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