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The Hazāra ( Dari - هزاره) people are one of the ethnic groups of Afghanistan such as Tajik, Pashtoon, and Uzbak. They are overwhelmingly Shia Muslims and comprise the third largest ethnic group of Afghanistan, forming ca. 9% of the total population. Over half a million Hazaras live in neighboring Pakistan (especially in the city of Quetta) and a similar number in Iran. The name Hazara, probably, comes from the Dari word hazār, which means "thousand". According to scholars, the term was first used to refer to a Mongol military unit of 1,000 but was later applied to a distinct group of people. The origins of the Hazaras have not been fully reconstructed. At least partial Mongol descent is difficult to rule out, because the Hazaras' physical attributes and parts of their culture and language resemble those of Mongolians. Thus, it is widely accepted that Hazaras do have Mongolian ancestry, if not direct male-line descent from Genghis Khan, as some Hazaras allege. Some Hazara tribes are...
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