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APOPO, a non-profit organization, trains African Giant Pouched Rats, also known as giant pouched rats or Gambian pouched rats (genus Cricetomys), to detect land mines and tuberculosis. Bart Weetjens, a Belgian national, founded APOPO to provide a low-technology solution to the global land mine problem. Once the effectiveness of the rats had been proven, he further realized that they are capable of detecting active tuberculosis in human sputum samples. APOPO calls these rats HeroRATS because this technology is cheaper and more efficient than most widely available mine clearance and TB detection techniques. APOPO's overall objective is to use sniffer rats to save human lives. Bart Weetjens, the founder of APOPO, loved playing with his pet rats when he was a young boy. As he grew older, Bart started to lose his interest in rats, but they always remained in the back of his mind. Years later he remembered his pets when he realized the seriousness of the global landmine problem. Due to...
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