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The state of Hidalgo (Spanish pronunciation: [iˈðalɣo]) is located north northwest of Mexico City in the center of the country of Mexico. It was created in 1869 as part of the breakup of the large territory of “Mexico,” the remains of which are now Mexico State. The state stretches north and east from the northern extreme of the Valley of Mexico and has three main geographical regions, which vary in topography and climate based on altitude. Its capital is Pachuca, which is in the center of the state’s mining industry, a traditional economic staple along with agriculture. Today, the main economic engine is industry, which is located mostly in the Urban Industrial Corridor of the South, which stretches from Pachuca south toward Mexico City. The rest of the state still relies on agriculture for subsistence and the state has a number of relatively intact native cultures such as the Otomi. There are also two notable immigrant cultures, those of the descendents of Cornish miners in the 19th...
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