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High school is used in some parts of the world, particularly in Scotland, India, North America and Oceania to describe an institution that provides all or part of secondary education. The actual term "high school" originated in Scotland with the world's oldest being the Royal High School (Edinburgh) in 1505,. It spread to the New World owing to the high prestige enjoyed by the Scottish educational system. (In the eighteenth century, Scotland had the world's most literate population.) A number of countries engaged Scottish educators to develop their state education systems. The Royal High School was used as a model for the first public high school in the United States, the English High School founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1821. The precise stage of schooling provided by a high school differs from country to country, and may vary within the same jurisdiction. In all of New Zealand and Malaysia along with parts of Australia and Canada, high school is synonymous with secondary...
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