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A hospital ship is a ship designated for primary function as a floating medical treatment facility or hospital; most are operated by the military forces (mostly navies) of various countries, as they are intended to be used in or near war zones. Attacking a hospital ship is a war crime, however, belligerent navies are entitled the right to board such ships for inspections. Hospital ships were covered under the Hague Convention X of 1907. Article four of the Hague Convention X outlined the restrictions for a hospital ship: According to the San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea, a hospital ship violating legal restrictions must be duly warned and given a reasonable time limit to comply. If a hospital ship persists in violating restrictions, a belligerent is legally entitled to capture it or take other means to enforce compliance. A non-complying hospital ship may only be fired on under the following conditions: Such ships possibly existed in ancient...
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