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Hot Sun Foundation is a project of Hot Sun Films. The Hot Sun Foundation is a non-profit organization that works in Nairobi, Kenya and with the young people of the Urban Slums of Africa to help train and expose their talents and potential on the world stage. Its projects include training the youth from the slums in filmmaking, acting, script writing, camerawork. Current Projects It is currently working on several projects with the youth of Kibera: Past and Ongoing Projects In 2007 it worked with Bay Cat of the San Francisco Bay Area to do the first ever video exchange between the youth of Kibera and the youth of the Bay Area known as 'Call and Response.' In 2008, it conducted several workshops with Kibera youth and Prof. Mary Beth Fielder from the School of Cinematic Arts, USC, in Los Angeles, as well as conducting open air film screenings in Kibera with FilmAid International. In April 2009, it collaborated on the filming of the Togetherness Supreme feature film shot in Kibera and...
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