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The International Finance Facility for Immunisation was launched in 2006 thanks to the initiative of the United Kingdom Government. IFFIm is also supported by France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway and South Africa who have together pledged to contribute US$ 5.3 billion to IFFIm over 20 years. This strong financial base enables IFFIm to have a triple-A rating from the three major rating agencies. IFFIm raises finance by issuing bonds in the capital markets and so converts the long-term government pledges into immediately available cash resources. The long-term government pledges will be used to repay the IFFIm bonds. The World Bank acts as financial adviser and treasury manager to IFFIm. IFFIm was established as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (UK charity registration number 1115413) and registered in England and Wales as a company (registration number 5857343).
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