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Ihsan Khan is the former Nazim of District Batagram, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan. He is a citizen of both the United States and Pakistan. He belongs from the village Ajmera in the extremely impoverished district of Batagram, Pakistan. Ihsan Khan left Batagram for US in 1997, when he was 19. He earned a political science degree from the Northern Illinois University, where he met his first wife, a Christian. They had one child, but the marriage didn't last long. Khan then moved to Washington, D.C., where he worked as a security guard and cab-driver for about 20 years. He often used to returned to Pakistan for months. On one trip, he remarried and later fathered two more children, who remained in Batagram. In November 2001, he became a multimillionaire after winning a $55.2 million Powerball jackpot in the D.C. Lottery. Khan chose a lump-sum award of $32,499,939.24, which after taxes worked out to about $18 million. He bought himself a Mercedes-Benz 600, and two million-dollar...
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