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Inhalants are a broad range of drugs whose volatile vapors are taken in via the nose and trachea. Although tobacco, marijuana, and other substances can be inhaled, the term inhalant abuse is usually reserved for substances ingested through volatilization. While some inhalant drugs are used for medical purposes, as in the case of nitrous oxide (a dental anaesthetic), this article focuses on inhalant abuse as recreational drugs that are used for their intoxicating effect. Inhalants can be classified by the intended function. Most inhalant drugs that are used non-medically are ingredients in household or industrial chemical products that are not intended to be concentrated and inhaled. A small number of recreational inhalant drugs are pharmaceutical products that are used illicitly. Inhalants can also be classified by chemical structure. Classes include: It is also possible to classify inhalants by the effect they have on the body. Many inhalants act primarily as asphyxiant gases, with...
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