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Intellectual Ventures is a private company claiming to invest in "pure invention". Their business model has a focus on developing a large patent portfolio and licensing these to companies with infringing products. Intellectual Ventures launched a prototyping and research laboratory in 2009 called Intellectual Ventures Lab which gained some media coverage when popular non-fiction book Superfreakonomics covered their efforts to reduce global climate change. Its employees are predominantly patent attorneys, physicists, engineers and biotechnologists. They also have hired prominent scientists to perform invention including Robert Langer of MIT, Leroy Hood of the Institute for Systems Biology, Ed Harlow of Harvard Medical School, Danny Hillis of Applied Minds, and Sir John Pendry of Imperial College. Intellectual Ventures was originally founded in 2000 by Nathan Myhrvold and Edward Jung of Microsoft as a private partnership. It lists Peter Detkin of Intel, and Gregory Gorder of Perkins...
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