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Jock Brandis is an author, film actor, film technician, inventor, and alleged air pirate. Jock Brandis was born in the Netherlands but moved to Canada as a child. In his early twenties, he joined CUSO, the Canadian version of the Peace Corps, and was placed in "Trenchtown" otherwise known as West Kingston, Jamaica where he taught in the local elementary school. While there he became acquainted with many of the fathers of reggae such as Desmond Dekker and helped organize functions for them at the school. Afterwards Brandis returned to Canada and got involved with Oxfam in their efforts to aide the cause of Biafran Independence (Biafra was a breakaway republic that formed shortly after Nigeria was no longer a colony of Great Britain). He joined a team of people who would fly food from São Tomé (a Portuguese island off the West Coast of Africa) across a military blockade into Biafra. Once there they would return with starving Biafran children whom they would nurse back to health in São...
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