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Katanga is one of the provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Between 1971 and 1997, its official name was Shaba Province. Under the new constitution, the province was to be replaced by four smaller provinces by February 2009; this did not actually take place. Its regional capital was Lubumbashi (formerly Elisabethville in French, Elisabethstad in Dutch). Its area was 518,000 km² (larger than California and 16 times larger than Belgium, its former colonial ruler). Katanga had a population estimated in 1998 at about 4,125,000. Farming and ranching are carried out on the Katanga Plateau. The eastern part of the province is a rich mining region, which supplies cobalt, copper, tin, radium, uranium, and diamonds. The capital city, Lubumbashi, is the second largest city in the Congo. The new Congolese constitution proposes to split Katanga into four new provinces: In the past, Katanga has struggled significantly for independence from the rest of the country. Moïse Katumbi Chapwe,...
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