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Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) was established in 1990. It manages the biodiversity of the country, protecting and conserving the flora and fauna. KWS manages the National Parks and Reserves in Kenya. The money collected as entrance fees in the parks is used to help the conservation of the plants and animals within the parks. Kenya has 35 designated national parks and reserves: KWS runs specific programmes to assist Kenyan species and habitats that are in particular danger. They have forest and wetland conservation programmes, as well as specific elephant and rhino projects to help them recover from poaching. The hirola, which is in danger of extinction, is also being monitored. Within KWS there are several services, each responsible for a different area of work: This branch of the KWS works outside the national parks. They work instead in areas such as wildlife corridors, and teach the communities living there to encourage conservation and look after their resources. The job of this...
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