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The kerosene lamp (widely known in Britain as a paraffin lamp) is any type of lighting device that uses kerosene (British "paraffin," as distinct from paraffin wax) as a fuel. There are two main types of kerosene lamp, which work in different ways, the "wick lamp" and the "pressure lamp." The first description of a simple lamp using crude mineral oil was provided by al-Razi (Rhazes) in 9th century Baghdad, who referred to it as the "naffatah" in his Kitab al-Asrar (Book of Secrets). Modern versions of the kerosene lamp were later constructed by Polish inventor Ignacy Ɓukasiewicz in 1853 (in Lemberg, Austrian Empire (today Lviv, Ukraine), and by Robert Edwin Dietz of the United States at about the same time; the question regarding the primacy of these two inventors' versions of the lamp remains unresolved. A wick lamp is a simple type of kerosene lamp that works in a similar way to a candle. This type of lamp is also known as an "oil lamp" or, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, a ...
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