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Khánh Hòa Province  pronunciation (help·info) is a province of Vietnam, located in the South Central Coast. It has a population of 1,066,300 and spans an area of 5,197 km². Its capital is Nha Trang. Khánh Hòa is the site of the last Nguyễn Emperor Bảo Đại's summer home, the Pasteur Institute of Nha Trang, the Institute of Oceanography, the Institute of Vaccines and Biological Substances, and the Green Berets' headquarters during the Vietnam War in the late 1950s and 1960s. Cam Ranh Bay port is on land closest to a deep sea drop in Vietnam - the best site for submarine bases in Vietnam. An ancient Cham temple exists on the north side of Nha Trang. Khánh Hòa Province has an area of 5,197 km². Its geographical coordinates are 108°40’33" to 109°27’55" E and 11°42’50" to 12°52’15" N. The provincial coastline spreads from Đại Lãnh Commune to the end of Cam Ranh Bay with a total length of coastline of 385 km featuring numerous creek mouths, lagoons, river mouths, and hundreds of islands and...
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