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Lagos (pronounced /ˈleɪɡɒs/, or /ˈlɑːɡoʊs/ overseas or Èkó in the Yoruba language) is a port and the most populous conurbation in Nigeria. It is currently the 2nd most populous city in Africa, behind Cairo, and is currently estimated to be the second fastest growing city in Africa (UN-HABITAT, 2008) and the 7th fastest in the world. Although the 2006 National Population Census of Nigeria credited the metropolitan area with a population figure of 7,937,932, the figure is at variance with some projections by the UN and other population agencies and groups worldwide. The population figure of Lagos State given by the Lagos State Government is 17,553,924. It was based on conducted enumeration for social planning by the Lagos State Government and it believes that since the inhabitants of the metropolitan area of Lagos constitute 88% of the Lagos State population, the population of metropolitan Lagos is about 15.5 million. A rejoinder to Lagos State Government views concluded that "Lagos...
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