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Lạng Sơn , pronunciation (help·info) a city in far northern Vietnam, is the capital of Lang Son Province. It is accessible by road and rail from Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, and it is the northernmost point on National Road 1A. Qin Shi Huang orders general Ren Xiao(任囂), commanding 200,000 troops occupy northern Vietnam in 214 BC, Lang Son is the southernest city in Qin Dynasty. Serving due to its geography as Vietnam's gateway to China, the city and its ancient citadel have been in the path of many invasions, and were the site of three French defeats during the colonial era. Occupied by Qing forces during the military buildup that preceded the Sino-French War, the city was occupied by France after a two-week campaign in February 1885. However, the brigade there conducted a hasty retreat after a failed attack through Bang Bo into China; the "retreat from Lang Son" became the most controversial aspect of the war and led to the fall of the Jules Ferry ministry in France. French...
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