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Likouala is a department of the Republic of the Congo in the northern part of the country. It borders the departments of Cuvette and Sangha, and internationally, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic. The region has an area of 66,044 km² and an estimated population of almost 90,000 . The chief town is Impfondo. Principal cities and towns include Epena and Dongou. Historically, this department was cut off from part of Lobaye, an area of the Central African Republic. It is believed that it was first inhabited by the Pygmy tribe.  Likouala is divided into three districts: Likouala is almost covered with dense and often flooded forests of lakes and very full of fish ponds. Its ground is argillaceous and sandy by places. The north of the department belongs to the mountainous Massif Oubanguien.  The shallow Lac Tele is 5km across and circular in shape. Likouala has a tropical climate. The dry season is from March to July, the remainder of the year being...
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