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Malaria vaccines are an area of intensive research, however, there is no effective vaccine that has been introduced into clinical practice. There is one candidate vaccine, known as RTS,S/AS01, which started Pivotal Phase III evaluation in May 2009 and is designed not for travellers but for children resident in malaria-endemic areas who suffer the burden of disease and death related to malaria. The global burden of P. falciparum malaria increased through the 1990s due to drug-resistant parasites and insecticide-resistant mosquitoes; this is illustrated by re-emergence of the disease in areas that had been previously malaria-free. The first decade of the 21st century has seen reductions in morbidity and mortality in many settings. Though the reasons are not entirely clear, improving socioeconomic indices, deployment of artemisinin-combination drugs and insecticide-treated bednets are all likely to have contributed. There has been a major scaling-up in distribution of malaria control...
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