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The term MENA, for "Middle East and North Africa", is an acronym often used in academic and business writing. The term generally covers an extensive region, extending from Morocco in northwest Africa to Iran in southwest Asia. It generally includes all the Arab Middle East and North Africa countries. MENA has no standardized definition; certain organizations define the region as making up different territories. The following is a list of commonly included countries: The population of the MENA region as it is typically defined comprises about 6% of the total world population, and is equivalent in number to one third of the population of the People's Republic of China. The population of the MENA region is almost equivalent to the population of the European Union, and is one and a quarter times larger than the population of the United States. The MENA region has vast reserves of petroleum and natural gas that make it a vital source of global economic stability. According to the Oil and...
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