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Nanjing (Chinese: 南京; pinyin: Nánjīng; Mandarin: [nǎntɕíŋ] ( listen); Romanizations: Nánjīng (Pinyin), Nan-ching (Wade-Giles), Nanking (Postal map spelling)) is the capital of Jiangsu province, China, and has a prominent place in Chinese history and culture. The city's name (南京) means "Southern Capital", and was widely romanised in English as 'Nanking' until the Pinyin language reform, after which 'Nanjing' was gradually adopted as the standard spelling of the city's name in several languages that use the Roman alphabet. Located in the lower Yangtze River drainage basin and Yangtze River Delta economic zone, Nanjing has always been one of China's most important cities. It served as the capital of China during several historical periods and is recognised as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Nanjing was the capital of the Republic of China before the Chinese Civil War in 1949. Nanjing is also one of the fifteen sub-provincial cities in the People's Republic of China's...
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