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Noakhali (Bengali: নোয়াখালী জিলা) is a district in South-eastern Bangladesh. It is located in the Chittagong Division. Noakhali District located in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. It has a land area of 3600.99 km, and is bounded by the Comilla district in the north, the Meghna estuary and the Bay of Bengal in the south, Feni and Chittagong districts in the east, Lakshmipur and the Bhola districts in the west. The district's annual average temperature ranges from a maximum of 34.3 °C to a minimum of 14.4 °C; its annual rainfall is 3302 mm. Its main rivers are the Bamni and Meghna. The ancient name of Noakhali is Bhulua. In the 1660s, the agricultural activities of the north-eastern region of Bhulua were seriously affected by floodwater of the Dakatia River flowing from the Tripura hills. To salvage the situation, a canal was dug in 1660 that ran from the Dakatia through Ramganj, Sonaimuri and Chaumuhani to divert water flow to the junction of the rivers Meghna and Feni. After...
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