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Northern Nigeria is a geographical region of Nigeria. It is more arid and less densely populated than the south. The people are largely Muslim, and many are Hausa. Much of the north was once politically united in the Northern Region, a federal division disbanded in 1967. The Hausa States or Hausa Kingdoms were a collection of independent city-states situated in what became Northern Nigeria. Although, the people have been muslims for many centuries, traditional beliefs and paganism were often mixed with the practice of Islam. In the early 1808, Usuman dan Fodio, the head of the Sokoto Caliphate warned the Hausa rulers that if they don't separate religion from paganism, a war will be waged against them. By failure to cleans Islam from the pagan practices, the Hausa state was finally conquered by Usuman dan Fodio and incorporated into the Sokoto Caliphate. The leadership of Sokoto has helped unite the people into a centralized state. The second and the most obvious leadership of Sokoto...
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