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A nutritionist is a person who advises on matters of nutrition. In many jurisdictions, including the UK, parts of Canada, and most US states, the term is not legally protected; anyone may call themselves a "nutritionist", with no qualifications required. The term "dietitian" by contrast, can be used only by those who have met specified professional requirements. The title "nutritionist" is protected in Quebec, Alberta and Nova Scotia. It is not protected in British Columbia. There were discussions about this when the dietitian designation was protected in British Columbia, but as of March 2008 "nutritionist" was not protected. Nutritionist, unlike dietitian, is not a protected term. Although there are many undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in nutrition in the UK, anyone can refer to him- or herself as a nutritionist without any qualifications. A person can legally describe themself as a nutritionist and obtain "qualifications" such as a PhD degree by mail from a non-accredited...
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