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OneClimate is a nonprofit internet climate news, social activism and social networking site, and part of internet portal uk.OneWorld.net. It received international media attention during the 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference for its 'Virtual Bali' initiative, and also during the COP15 event in Copenhagen. OneClimate was founded by Anuradha Vittachi, who also co-founded OneWorld.net. In December 2007, Ed Markey became the first US politician to utilize the medium of Second Life, through which he addressed the delegates of the UNFCCC in Bali as part of OneClimate's Virtual Bali event. It was estimated that the carbon dioxide saved in not flying Rep. Markey to Bali was around 5.5 tonness. The following year OneClimate ran Virtual Poznan in Poland for COP14. Notable speakers included Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC Yvo de Boer and The Age of Stupid Director, Franny Armstrong. The event was broadcast each evening on the OneClimate website as well as in Second Life. In May...
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