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Pathfinder International is based in Watertown, Massachusetts and is a global non-profit organization (NGO 501(c)(3)), that focuses on reproductive health, family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, women and girls empowerment, and more. Under the leadership of Daniel E. Pellegrom, who became CEO in 1985, Pathfinder has grown from a small organization to the current global organization, with an annual budget exceeding USD 100 million. The organization operates in more than 25 developing countries throughout Africa, Asia, the Near East, and Latin America. In 1957 "Pathfinder Fund" was founded originally by leading birth control advocate, Clarence Gamble, heir of the Procter & Gamble soap company fortune. In 1985 Daniel E. Pellegrom became CEO of Pathfinder International. In 1996 Pathfinder was awarded the United Nations Population Award. In 2006 Pathfinder surpasses revenue of USD 90 million (FY). Pathfinder International works together with many organizations, ranging from...
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