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A pit toilet or compost toilet is a method of collection of human waste, used for composting, controlled decomposition, or waste disposal used most often in areas with no sewer system. Pit toilets are used in rural and wilderness areas as well as in much of the developing world. Many variations exist, but at its simplest, the principle is that waste is controlled and decomposed into harmless by-products. In some former Soviet Union regions, particularly in Asia, pit toilets were called Stalin's footprints (Russian: следы Сталина), after the characteristic platform — mass-produced in Soviet times — with a hole and recognisable pits for feet on each side. The slit-trench latrine is the simplest type of pit toilet, consisting of a relatively shallow (3-6 feet/1-2 metres in depth) trench narrow enough to stand with one leg on either side. This type is used either by squatting, with the users' legs straddling the pit, or by various arrangements for sitting or leaning against a support...
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