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Portmore is a coastal city in southern Jamaica in Saint Catherine, and a dormitory town for the neighbouring cities of Kingston and Spanish Town. Portmore is built on a generally flat plain facing the Kingston Harbour with an intricate canal system which prevents flooding. Much of the land is reclaimed swamp. The Port Henderson hill, apart from the Salt pond hill is visible from neighbouring parishes and was a possible Arawak grave site. Because the Arawak buried their dead in caverns, which Port Henderson hill is riddled with. The most famous cave is named "Twin Sisters" Portmore began as a large area for schematic residential development in the late 1960s, as the WIHCON organization built thousands of prototype housing units in an effort to alleviate the over-population of Kingston; the first was called Independence City. It has since grown into a suburban city to Kingston; its large population travels into Kingston daily for work, schooling, and many other essential services via...
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