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Title Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Predsjedništvo Bosne i Hercegovine/Предсједништво Босне и Херцеговине) is the head of state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the Article V of the Constitution, the Presidency consists of three members: one Bosniak and one Croat elected from the Federation and one Serb elected from the Republika Srpska. Together, they serve one four-year term. The member with the most votes becomes the chairman unless he or she was the incumbent chairman at the time of the election, but the chairmanship rotates every eight months, to ensure equality. The Presidency is responsible for: When the country declared independence in 1992, the Presidency consisted of: Over the course of the Bosnian war, the Presidency underwent several changes: the Serb members Plavšić and Koljević, as well as the Croat member Boras, left the Presidency early on and were replaced by Nenad Kecmanović, Mirko Pejanović and Ivo Komšić, respectively. Kecmanović soon also left, and...
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