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The following is a list of Presidents of the Republic of Liberia, made up of the 24 heads of state in the history of Liberia. At the foundation of the Republic the term of office was two years, which was increased to four years on May 7, 1907. This list includes only presidents sworn in after the declaration of independence of Liberia on July 26, 1847. From 1980 to 2006, the office was interrupted three times due to a 1980 coup d'etat, and the First and Second Liberian Civil War. The heads of state of Liberia during these periods are shown on a separate list below the list of presidents. Samuel Doe served as both Head of People's Redemption Council and President of Liberia; he is therefore placed on both lists in his respective roles. Furthermore, both Joseph Jenkins Roberts and James Spriggs-Payne served non-consecutive terms and are each counted twice in the list. Because of this, the list below contains 24 presidencies, but only 22 people. The colors indicate the political party affiliation of each President.
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